My Testimonials

What past attendees thought of me

I spare no effort in delivering the absolute best performance for my guests with stunning magic and tricks. When hiring me for your next event, rest assured I come to ready to please even your most skeptical of guests and have the talent and personality to put a smile on every face both young and old.

Scott was awesome! He was super easy to book. We jumped on a call just to talk about expectations and details of the party, the more we talked the more excited I got. He came to our roommates going away party at our house. Our roommate was totally surprised and loved the magic. Scott was great with all our guests and performed great tricks the whole time.
Aiden B.
SoMa San Francisco, CA
Scott was an amazing magician at our party! He was a great entertainer and made our friend's going away party super memorable!! I would totally recommend Scott as a magician at your party in the future.
Teddy R.
Portland, OR
Scott brought his magical entertainment to our new years eve party in Wilsonville and it was fantastic. The next morning at brunch, there was still excited hatter about his tricks and fantastic fun from the night before 🙂 Highly recommended!
Findlay M.
Wilsonville, OR
The original magician I had booked for my wedding had to cancel last minute due to sickness, so he suggested using Scott Wisemen as a replacement magician. Scott was very professional and was able to help in such short notice. He was excellent with my guests and had great magic tricks. I would recommend!
Katrina Buchanan
Scott Wiseman is a professional all the way. He's fun and funny and best of all, has a huge repertoire of amazing close up magic tricks. He was the hit of our party and was worth every penny. I would recommend him a million times over.
Christina Rongo
Scott put on a great show. Magic was creative, entertaining and mind boggling on how the heck he did some of them!! Had everyone blown away.
Mike F.